Ticketing during the ice storm yesterday.

Columbia Borough. I think that it is very unfair that you all decided to have your parking enforcement ticket people during the ice storm. I also think that it is horrible that you all knew as a borough that the weather was going to be bad, and you forced all of the parents, and children in this town to walk in zero degree weather with little babies to the school only to dismiss early. Fifteen minutes prior to dismissal at Park Elementary no one still had the sidewalks at the main doors salted and there were a number of children, parents, and bus drivers slipping and falling on the ice. I saw this myself as I went in to pull my student out. Maybe you all can use some better judgment in the future. Let me give you a brief example. If we were in Mountville we would of had the choice whether or not to take our children without having to worry about a unexcused absent day. Thanks for playing fair Columbia Borough.

-The Webmaster

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